Welcome to Elevate It Now®! An award-winning and BBB accredited, full-service Marketing/Creative Agency that assists brands and business owners who understand the value of marketing to maximize their business growth and are ready to ELEVATE them. There is no industry that is too small to too big for this team.

Marketing Today For Your Tomorrow!

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 We love working with real estate professionals and teams, mortgage lenders, and others who support real estate, credit unions, and business owners, who may not have the resources to move forward with marketing initiatives.  We create tailored, and result-driven marketing solutions that will elevate their business to the next level based on business goals. We are “Marketing Today For Your Tomorrow!" as we elevate brands who give a damn. We Explore, Execute, and Elevate your business, it's what we do.

We Really Do Color Outside the Lines!

Brand Development and Logo Design

Why color inside the lines and look like everyone else? Your brand should be a definition of you, your culture, beliefs, vision and mission statements, company values and more. There is a lot of noise out there and in order to stand out above the crowd, we have to make noise too! How else are we going to get attention?

Creativity Does Take Courage and We Have Plenty of It!

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We thrive on creativity - it's in our blood. Weather you need to find new marketing solutions that will elevate your business, social media that will entertain, delight, educate and engagement your potential audience, content that will drive your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to a new level or social media training so you can do it yourself - we can create it!

Do We GET Social? Oh, yes we do! 

Social Media and Community Management

We GET social and take pride in the fact we don't just manage your social media - we create a community around your brand while managing the Search Optimization (SEO) that comes from an awesome social media marketing strategy. Don't take out word for it - check out in our social channels!

What If I Want to Learn or Teach My Team?


We get it! You want to take charge of your own social media management and want to do it right. We can help with that too! From one on one coaching to training your team or an individual in your organization, we can help by creating a solid and targeted social media strategy that gets results. We can also help you implement it every step of the way.

What Our Clients are Saying!


Elevate It Now did an amazing job getting my new website up

Monica and Elevate It Now did an amazing job getting my new website up. I had lost all the information that I needed to make this easier and she was able to handle it quickly and efficiently. My new website looks fantastic! Thank you, Monica, and Elevate It Now!

Yas Mohammed

Owner, Yas & Co Jewelers

Timely and creative while teaching me along the way.

Monica had a tough task ahead when I asked her to create a business Facebook page to “Elevate” my real-estate profession. She did an amazing job – timely, creative while teaching me along the way the ins and outs of FB. Highly recommend Monica for any marketing task you may need assistance with!

Roxanne Winfrey

Realtor, Dwellus

Our Marketing Partner for 8 Years!

Elevate It Now is an amazing company to work with and we highly recommend them to any realtor, real estate agent, or small business who is looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level. They do a spectacular job managing our social media and ensuring that we respond to all the questions and comments that come to us from our clients on all our social media channels. They have tripled our following on several of our social media networks. They did great at reviewing all our real estate platforms and advising us of how to maximize (or remove) each one so that we are not spending additional money on platforms we don’t need. They were able to eliminate the three different sites that we had for The Gus Anthony Team and now all our marketing efforts are directed to our main site through not only social media but the video marketing they do for us on all our listings. Our online presence has never looked better due to the brand management that they do for us, ensuring that we always maintain our luxury real estate look throughout all our platforms. They are always responsive to our needs and are excellent at developing a marketing strategy that works for us and our business.

Gus Anthony

Owner & Team Lead
Angie Tanner

A marketing agency that ELEVATES your business to the next level!

Monica is a stellar marketing person. She truly has created a marketing agency that ELEVATES your business to the next level. I have worked with several marketing companies in the past, but none have remotely compared. Monica is professional, knowledgable, hard-working, and tells it like it is (whether you want to hear it or not).

Let me give you an example. I would consider my team to be very well educated and capable of producing excellent content. That said, every time we shared our content with Monica, she focused our content and elevated our message to be much more powerful. I was super impressed time and time again. Monica is extremely dedicated to making sure you succeed and that is why she is such a hard-working and is so passionate about her job. This really shines through.

Honestly, I can’t say enough great things about Elevate It Now. If you are lucky enough to have them as your marketing agency, you are very lucky.

Angie Tanner

Owner & Realtor - Teachers' Home Benefits

Thank you Elevate It Now for helping me get my business online and found!

This company is the best and I would let them handle any of my marketing needs! I contacted Elevate It Now to help me with my landscaping business. I didn’t even know where to start. I didn’t have a logo, tagline, website, social media – nothing and Monica Malave was able to put it all together for me with minimal effort on my part. I’m very busy taking care of the business and she was able to create a brand for JD’s Landscaping from the ground up. I mean logo, tagline, website and all its content, custom URL and Facebook page! I couldn’t be happier with all the work they have done and now my business is online and looking great! Thank you Monica and Elevate It Now for helping me get my business online and found!

David Garcia


What Else Can We Do?

Strategic Marketing Consulting

Don't know where to start with your marketing needs? No worries! With over 30 years of marketing experience, we have what it takes to explore, execute and elevate your business with a marketing plan that will knock the socks of your clients.

Brand Development

Building a brand is more than creating a logo. As we say here at Elevate It Now, “Branding is bringing someone’s vision to life, beyond the logo” and we take it very seriously. Your personal brand is a combination of the vision you have for your business, a touch of your personal flare, and a design that will wow you and anyone that sees it online and offline.

Social Media & Community Management

We don't just manage your social media - we build a community around your brand by engaging with all that come through your social media feeds. We create content that is sure to delight, educate and inspire your potential clients to want to do business with you and no one else. It's what we do and we are awesome at it.

Social Media Consulting, Coaching & Training

Want to learn how to manage social media and community management yourself or a team of your employees? We can do that! We can create a social media training plan completely customized to your outreach goals online based on industry recommendations for your line of business and ours.

Social Media Audits

Wondering why you may not be getting the type of clients or traffic you are looking for on your social media platforms? You may not be maximizing your social media profiles. It may sound crazy but all the social networks have their nuances as well as tools to help you stand out in the completion. It may be as simple as the format of your profile or may be the bio. We will perform a complete audit if your social media channels and provide you with step by step recommendations on how you can maximize your profiles to get traffic to your social media networks and look like the expert in your industry.

Creative Design

Need a custom Website Image, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media cover page for your profiles? Do you need a custom image for a special promotion, email campaign? We can create a custom design for all your digital marketing or print projects.  We do marketing brochures (digitally and a print version) for your business, information pamphlets, branded series for your line of products and services and more.

Creative Content Creation

Having trouble coming up with creative content to meet your content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs? Need a blog for your business? Email marketing content or content for your website? We can do that!

Website Development & Design

Need a website that won't break the budget? We can do that! We can build and develop and amazing and branded website with all the functionalities that you might need with spending thousands of dollars and a short four weeks. If you already have the content - even better! That will save you money and cut the development in half.

Are You Ready To Have Your Business Elevated?

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