8 Amazing Tools to Rock Your Social Media Marketing!

As you all know Social Media is here to stay!  If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon or are wondering where to get started, this blog will help you do just that. We will also provide you with some resources that we have found, that makes our daily social media management less painful, fun and manageable for our accounts as well as our clients. From apps to photos we will go over them all. If you need measurement and help with managing – we will give you that too!

 Are you ready to rock your social media efforts to the next level? Well wait no more, we are here to provide you with 8 Amazing Tools to Rock your social media management efforts and take them to the next level.  Let’s go!

1. Canva.com – Back in the day, we could not move forward in marketing unless we had a graphic designer on board to create pretty much everything from an add in the newspaper to a small flyer you wanted to hand out at an event. Well with Canva – you can do all those things and more! In the process, you save yourself the expense of hiring a graphic designer which can be very costly. Save that money for your logo creation and website designs. Canva will actually create branded – yes you heard me! – branded templates for all the digital and print marketing needs you may have. From a Facebook cover page to an Instagram posting, Canva lays it all out for you and all you have to do is add the content. Don’t have time for that? Canva has that too! You can also edit the templates as you like. Another cool thing about Canva is that they have gone mobile! So now you can create your magic on the go.

 2. WordSwag – This is by far one of the coolest and easiest typography over images app to use when you are getting started in social media. It provides you with everything you need from images to quotes and all types of fonts that you may want to make your social media posts look professional. And you can even add your logo to these to brand them. It has a ton of options of filters so that you can create your own unique look. We don’t typically use filters here at Elevate It Now. We pride ourselves in selecting the best quality of images and we believe that the picture speaks for itself – #nofilter, unless requested by a client and becomes part of their branding.

 3. Typorama –  Typorama works a lot like WordSwag in that it provides imaging and quotes but it has additional features for those of us who need to create content in other languages, like Spanish. It allows for special characters like the ñ in Español or any of the accents that you need for times when you say Good Morning – Buenos Días! Typorama also has tons of filters and different special effects that you can add to your posts. Iphone only.

 4. Ripl App – WE LOVE THIS APP! If you want animated or explainer videos – Ripl will be your best friend. It allows you to tell a story with up to eight pictures, add music, pick your font, and it’s 100% customizable. Add your logo, use your brand colors and make spectacular short videos that your audience will love. If you are in real estate, which we are, these are a great way to showcase a listing in a matter of minutes. Another thing we love about this app, is that the folks at Ripl never stop adding new features and templates so it’s always evolving and you never have the same look twice. The options are endless and allow for tons of creativity. It’s currently available for Iphone or Ipad only but the Android version is coming soon.

 5. Adobe Stock – Everything in Digital Marketing begins with a spectacular image that is going to attract your audiences attention and Social Media is NO exception. You must have AMAZING imaging otherwise, your engagement will never take off or even get a second look so. We cannot emphasize this enough – your imaging and photos MUST be of the best quality. Adobe Stock offers some of the most beautiful imaging, photos and now videos, with reasonable pricing. We recommend you use these for your blog posts, marketing campaigns or special promotions that you may be considering.

 6. Unsplash – WE LOVE UNSPLASH! Can we say that enough? Unsplash is a site where hundreds of amazing photographers have contributed their photography to the site for use under The Unsplash licensing agreement which as of today, allow us to use free of charge and attribution. If you are just getting started in your business or are looking for the perfect photo – check out Unsplash! You will fall in love and maybe find some inspiration for your next post.

7. Enlight – Don’t have the right ratios on your pic? Need to “fix” some things on your picture? Then welcome to your new photo editor – this is the Photoshop of mobile! And it’s much easier to navigate then Photoshop and less costly. You can properly stretch or crop your image to what you need, add effects, take out effects, cover up blemishes, whatever you need to do to make your image perfect, you can do with the Enlight App. Sorry folks, Iphone or Ipad only.

 8. SproutSocial –  Folks! You can’t manage what you don’t measure and social media efforts are no different. Especially if you are managing social media for clients. It’s imperative that you are able to provide them with weekly or monthly reporting on your efforts so that they can visualize what is taking place and where their money is being spent. There are many social media management tools and we have tried them all and found that SproutSocial allows us to post to the networks we are in and our clients. Their monthly reports is really what made the difference, since that is an important piece to consider when you are researching social media tools. SocialDraft is another great tool that we used for a while and found useful, for us it came down to the type of reporting that we needed to provide our clients and we felt that the reporting provided by Sprout Social would be easier for our clients to see and understand.

 As you know, there are many tools out there that assist you with your social media management efforts but we thought we’d cut some of the research for you, and let you know what works for us as a small business. If the budget was endless, we would just hire people to do these jobs but that’s not the reality when you are running a small business and budgets and timing are of the essence.

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