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Monica Malave, CEO of Elevate It Now

What our Clients are Saying!

Marina Madhavan

Monica and the Elevate It Now team have been amazing!

Monica and the Elevate It Now team have been amazing during the time she and the Dutko Ragen team worked together. She provided valuable insight and brought in her social media experience to achieve increased visibility and improved social media exposure of the team. She was super responsive and helpful, as the team sought out new marketing strategies and helped implement these. Thank you for everything you have done Monica. It has been a pleasure working with you!

Marina Madhavan

VP of Operations, Dutko|Ragen Home & Investments
Jovan "JR" Ruzic

Monica and her team do an amazing job at social media marketing and branding!

Monica and her team do an amazing job at social media marketing and branding. My brand has become so much more recognizable and my following and business have grown since I started working with her. I highly recommend her and her team to anyone looking to grow their brand.

Jovan "JR" Ruzic

CEO & Founder, Three Lion Homes

Elevate It Now did an amazing job getting my new website up

Monica and Elevate It Now did an amazing job getting my new website up. I had lost all the information that I needed to make this easier and she was able to handle it quickly and efficiently. My new website looks fantastic! Thank you, Monica, and Elevate It Now!

Yas Mohammed

Owner, Yas & Co Jewelers

Timely and creative while teaching me along the way.

Monica had a tough task ahead when I asked her to create a business Facebook page to “Elevate” my real-estate profession. She did an amazing job – timely, creative while teaching me along the way the ins and outs of FB. Highly recommend Monica for any marketing task you may need assistance with!

Roxanne Winfrey

Realtor, Dwellus

Our Marketing Partner for 8 Years!

Elevate It Now is an amazing company to work with and we highly recommend them to any realtor, real estate agent, or small business who is looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level. They do a spectacular job managing our social media and ensuring that we respond to all the questions and comments that come to us from our clients on all our social media channels. They have tripled our following on several of our social media networks. They did great at reviewing all our real estate platforms and advising us of how to maximize (or remove) each one so that we are not spending additional money on platforms we don’t need. They were able to eliminate the three different sites that we had for The Gus Anthony Team and now all our marketing efforts are directed to our main site through not only social media but the video marketing they do for us on all our listings. Our online presence has never looked better due to the brand management that they do for us, ensuring that we always maintain our luxury real estate look throughout all our platforms. They are always responsive to our needs and are excellent at developing a marketing strategy that works for us and our business.

Gus Anthony

Owner & Team Lead

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