Strategic Marketing Consulting & Planning

Don't know where to start with your Digital Marketing needs? No worries! With over 30 years of marketing experience, we have what it takes to explore, execute and elevate your business with a marketing plan that will knock the socks of your clients.

In order for any business’s marketing plan to succeed, research of current practices and goals of your business are needed. We take these goals and align them with marketing strategies to achieve them. During our consultations, we will ask a lot of questions to get a clear picture of current practices, weaknesses, tools, and resources available. Elevate It Now will prepare a marketing plan that will deliver the results that your business needs to succeed.

Brand Development & Logo Design

Developing a solid brand is more that creating a logo and tagline and we have over 25 years of building brands and re-branding for a few local credit unions in the area and small business from here to Florida. As we say here at Elevate It Now, “It’s bringing someone’s vision to life, beyond the logo” and we take it very seriously. Whether your are a corporation, realtor or small business your personal brand is a combination of the vision and mission you have for your business, financial growth goals and outreach strategy with a touch of your personal flare! We will develop a brand design that will wow you and anyone that sees it online and offline.

Social Media & Community Management

Is your business ready to get social? We are all about getting social here at Elevate It Now and building a community for our clients that is second to none. We don't just manage your social media - we build a community around your brand by engaging with all that come through your social media feeds and engaging with the type of audience your business needs to succeed. We create content that is sure to delight, educate and inspire your potential clients to want to do business with you and no one else. We have tripled our clients followers organically with amazing visual content, amazing story telling and the best engagement in the industry. It's what we do and we are awesome at it!

Social Media Consulting, Coaching & Training

We get it! You want to do it yourself. Let us help you and your employees get social the right way so that you too can be awesome with your social media marketing efforts. By the time we are done - you and/or your team will be an expert too and maybe you can teach others too!

We can create a social media training plan completely customized to your outreach goals online based on industry recommendations for your line of business and ours. Which social networks you should be maximizing for your line of business and which ones you can say goodbye to. What hashtags, posting times, tools and type of content you should be sharing with your audience so that you can turn those followers into paying customers. It's what we do!

Social Media Audits

Wondering why you may not be getting the type of clients or traffic you are looking for on your social media platforms? You may not be maximizing your social media profiles. It may sound crazy but all the social networks have their nuances as well as tools to help you stand out in the completion. It may be as simple as the format of your profile or may be the bio. We will perform a complete audit if your social media channels and provide you with step by step recommendations on how you can maximize your profiles to get traffic to your social media networks and look like the expert in your industry.

Creative Content Creation & Blogging

Having trouble coming up with creative content to meet your content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs? We love creating content that will educate, delight, entertain and educate your clients. Need a blog for your business? Email marketing content or content for your website? We can do that!

Website Development & Design

Need a website that won't break the budget? We can do that! We can build and develop an amazing and branded website with all the functionalities that you might need with spending thousands of dollars and a short four weeks. If you already have the content - even better! That will save you money and cut the development in half.

SEO and Local SEO

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and why should you care? SEO is a must these days if you want your business and what you do to be found online and we make sure this is what we do with all our our services and products. Ensuring that not only your website is set up with keywords that get your business found but also reiterating those worlds in the social media we manager, any content that we create for your, training sessions and during our consultation meetings.

If your business is a local business, then it is imperative that it is set up with Google so that your local audience is sure to find you. We can help by setting up your business on Google so that local search engines find you when they are looking for your services.

Video Marketing & Explainer Videos

We create amazing videos of your real estate listings that drive traffic to your site and social media channels. You already have the pictures - let us maximize them to not only drive traffic to your site but show your clients what a digital marketing superstar you are by sharing their listings on social media. The more you share, the more confidence they will have in hiring you to sell and market their home.

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