MYTH: I Don’t Need Social Media – I Have Plenty of Business!

“I Don’t Need Social Media – I Have Plenty of Business!” This is what I hear often from my colleagues and co-workers in my real estate business circles. I sat and pondered these words for a while, and a while I am mean almost a year! Wondering could they be right? But they aren’t! Every business owner or entity needs to realize that the old ways of marketing are over. The days where sales drove marketing are over and today – PEOPLE’S NEEDS drive marketing. We don’t cold call, we don’t interrupt people during their busy day and we certainly don’t need to provide solutions that they have not asked for.

So how do we do this? Folks who don’t think they need Social Media think again! According to Hub Spot 72% of people looking for a service or solution to a problem have already made up their decision as to who they are going to work with BEFORE they even contact a vendor for a solution and 82% of them are looking for these…guess where? – Online! They are not calling you, that’s for sure. And if they still are feel lucky it won’t last long.

In this ever growing day of technology and busy schedules people don’t have time to pick up the phone to call for information – they are going to research at their time and not yours. Where are you going to be? On the phone waiting or are you going to be out there in the appropriate Social Media Channels that work best for your business so that the 62% of the population that is looking for services online find YOU.

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