Not All Your Posts Will Winners and That’s Ok! Five Simple Steps You Can Take to Change It.

Monica Malave, Marketing Strategist and CEO of Elevate It Now

Not all your social media posts or blog posts will be winners and that’s ok! I’m about to give you six steps you can take to change it. I know that many people get frustrated when a post or a blog doesn’t perform well and that it includes us here at Elevate It Now. However, rather than getting frustrated as to the lack of traction, take it as an opportunity to analyze what is resonating with your target audience and what is not. This is the type of data that you need to create a content marketing and social media marketing strategy that will bring about the results you’re looking for.

The likes and more importantly engagement on a post are directly telling you what your audience’s pain points are. What makes them laugh, what educates them, what solutions do you have for them, and more importantly, your brand equity! Are you a credible resource in your line of business? That’s what turns your followers into customers.

What can you do to change that? Let’s Dig in.

Content Engagement:

If you were able to pull a few comments from your post, address them in your next post. If you typically have a lot of engagement on your posts and got zero on one, you can pretty much assume the content did not resonate with your audience and you can scratch that off and go back to the drawing board.


Visuals are your new headline and if the visual does not catch someone to go past the like, then go back and try the same content with a new visual. We have less than three seconds to grab someone’s attention – make it count! There are many free stock photo sites out there. Google them and look around to see which visual will not only get your readers’ attention but more importantly make sense to the topic you are talking about. Take your own pictures and incorporate some of those. We all have phones that take amazing photos. While you are out and about take pictures of places, scenery, objects, and anything else that you think you can use for a post. I take pictures of everything! That way when I have a post idea, and I can’t find the right image, I have a backup of my own photos that I can use.


Don’t be a faker of the funk. Don’t jump into what everyone else is doing and don’t copy what someone else is doing. Be you! Find your brand voice and posting style. It’s what makes you unique and will help you stand out in all the social media noise.

Posting Time:

Always, always, always test your posting times. These will make a HUGE impact on your engagement and how well it will perform. Use your Instagram analytics and insights to find out what day and time your followers are active. If you find that these times are not working for you, then think about what your audience is doing. If they are real estate agents, what are they doing throughout the day? If you are in the baking business chances are that you will be checking your social media before you start work, during lunch, and sometime after the dinner hustle whines down. Test these times! Other things will impact engagement such as holidays and time changes so don’t be discouraged if a post that does not perform well during these times and test it at another time.

Cross Marketing Opportunities:

How well are you preparing the post for other social media networks that you are sharing this content to? They all have their standards and requirements, and the same guidelines that apply to Instagram do not apply to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Reformat your content to maximize its performance. For the love of God – please don’t use more than 30 hashtags on anything but Instagram posts. It looks ridiculous and will be overlooked and worst yet – look spammy.

Although these may sound very elementary to some, they are the starting steps so that you can turn those low performing post into shining stars. These are some of the actions we do daily at Elevate It Now, and we do go further into analyzing content because that is what we do. Applying these simple steps to your content marketing strategy can make the difference in how your content will be received by others and ensure that you minimize these frustrations.

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