Should I Re-Brand? Six Compelling Reasons Why You Should Re-Brand

Monica Malave, Marketing Strategist and CEO of Elevate It Now

Should I rebrand the business or personal brand is a question that I get on a weekly basis and I am going to discuss six important things that you need to consider when we are talking about rebranding. Should you? Re-branding can be more costly than your original branding because you already have collateral invested that you probably don’t want to through away but you must if you are going to rebrand your business or personal brand.  Sure, it’s tempting to have a new fresh look and start but before you do consider, process the answers to these questions.

  1. Business Strategy and Its Goals Took a New Direction

Every business hopefully starts with a business plan which has all your business goals along with a mission and vision statements and strategies that you are going implement to meet those goals. These are typically thought out in detail, but sometimes unforeseen economic trends and the current political environment can put a damper on the best of plans and that’s ok. If you are clear on why you are making the changes in strategy.

This is a perfect time to rebrand. The business has changed and its strategic direction to accomplish the goals set and you want the world to know it. This can be a minor rebrand that can be done with a change in content, visuals, colors used OR it may need a brand-new look. This is where we come in because we have looked at all this objectively, we are able to recommend the best course of action based on direction, budget, and other resource constraints that your business may have.

2. Current Branding is Ineffective and Is Not Helping You Meet Established Goals

If there isn’t a better reason to re-brand this would be it. Your current branding is not bringing about any results. Your social media presence is not growing or getting the type of engagement you would like. Remember that if there is no engagement going on in your social media marketing efforts, then NO ONE is talking about you or your business and this is a big red flag that it’s time to re-brand. If there are no conversations happening with potential clients, then the chances that you are meeting your social media marketing goals are slim.

Don’t let this happen. If your business is not bringing in the income to support its efforts or there is no Return on Investment (ROI) then it is time for you to call Elevate It Now to help your online branding shine and get the results you are looking for.

3. Market has Evolved, and its demographics changed

The Digital Space and its nuances evolve daily which means that so do the people that are searching for information and how they search it. The strategy that worked today may not be as effective as it was yesterday, so your business needs to adapt and evolve with it if you are going to grab our desired audience’s attention. So now is a great time to rebrand so that you can capture your target audience’s attention with the right branding, imaging, and content that resonates with them and not some outdated practice that is attracting no one.

4. Branding is Outdated?

Digital trends may change but so do branding, logos, colors, and fonts. What may have been in style when your brand was created is now obsolete. Either the design type is off, fonts may be out of design style, the graphic you originally used does not resonate with your audience or you have never given your brand a refresh and your logo looks like it came out of some kindergarteners coloring book. See if you recognize some of these brands that have changed over the years.

5. You are not Getting the Desired Results from Your Current Branding

Let’s be honest here, some of us may come out with the best intentions in our branding without consulting an expert to guide you through the process. I hear this a lot. You used an app to create it, you showed it to your best friend and your sister who told you it looked really cool. Then you showed it to your neighbor who had no clue what you were trying to show them and then you roll out with your branding and all you get at the other end are crickets! Yikes! No one is getting your message. That’s because NONE of those people that you consulted with had any clue or credentials to ask the right questions or advise you accordingly. We do! IT’s what we do.

An expert will know how to walk you through this entire process. Building a Brand is Bringing Someone’s Vision to Life Beyond the Logo and we take that very seriously. This is our quote and we share it proudly because this is our belief and it should be the same for the folks who will be working on your brand.

6. You Ran Legal Into Issues

That’s right! That beautiful logo that someone created for you years ago is infringing on someone else’s branding OR better yet, they created it for you but never gave you complete ownership of it. Yikes! If you have an agency like us, a graphic designer, brand strategist, or any of those entities create your logo without giving you ownership of it, then it’s not yours. You just have the rights to use it.

These are just a few important things to consider when you are looking into a rebrand or potentially establishing a new brand. A good branding agency, brand strategist, or graphic designer will ask these questions and help you determine whether a rebrand is due for your business.

Remember that along with a rebrand, you must commit to it. Rebranding is not just about changing logos, colors, and taglines – it’s about delivering an exceptional experience to your audience. If that’s not going to change internally, then there’s no point in going through the expense. You may look fabulous online but if your reviews, customer service channels, and clients continue to show a bad experience, then you have wasted a lot of money for nothing. There are many levels and ways to rebrand that are not as costly and the consultant you hire to the work should be providing you with all of them – not just rebranding for a nice paycheck.


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