What is a Marketing Agency and What do they Do?

What is a Marketing Angecy

What is a Marketing Agency and what do they do is a question we get a lot. Folks still get confused as to what a marketing agency does vs a marketing consultant or digital marketing agency or even a marketing company so here comes some education.

Essentially, we are all the same except for fields of expertise. Some may choose to focus on certain marketing aspects like marketing strategy while others may want to focus on social media management or branding for example. A marketing agency, like us, has a lot of expertise in all areas of marketing and is your one-stop-shop for all things marketing and is ready to not only recommend plans of action but can also execute them. A marketing consultant may be able to execute the plan but typically, they only recommend it.

What is covered under marketing you ask? Here we go!

  • Strategic Planning, Data Analysis, and Marketing Strategy—Analyze your company’s data to help you decide what your next marketing move should be and create a marketing strategy for your business.
  • Digital Advertising—managing your online advertising through Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Branding, Rebranding, Brand Management, and Creative Design—create and execute branding and logo for a business, create different design elements such as graphics for your website, layouts for your lead magnets, and even ad creative like videos and images
  • Web Development—build, maintain, host, and manage custom WordPress websites
  • SEO Management—helping to improve page rankings for your website, blog, or other online presence
  • Social Media Management, Training, and Coaching—managing your social presence on important platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and more. We ensure that you are on the right platforms for your business, its goals, and demographics. Brands don’t need to be in all social networks just the right ones. We teach or coach business owners or their teams who may be interested in managing their social media marketing but don’t know how to.
  • Video Production – creates videos for clients based on marketing goals and content marketing and social media marketing strategy. This could be a short-form video like Instagram Reels or TikToks and long-form branded videos.
  • Strategic Planning, Data Analysis, and Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plans—Analyze your company’s data to help you decide what your next marketing move should be and create a marketing strategy for your business. We create custom marketing plans for real estate professionals, small business owners, and credit unions. Review plans annually to ensure strategies still match goals and the business is on an established growth path.
  • Media Planning and Buying—purchasing and managing your ad space in TV, radio, billboards, and other print or media spaces.
  • Funnel Building – Inbound Marketing —helping you build out your client list, clean up your database, or just manage the different funnels your customers will go through as they interact with your brand.
  • Copywriting—creating copy for emails, websites, advertisements, social media, and anywhere else people see your written word
  • Email Management—creating and tracking all your email campaigns

Just a little of what we do here at Elevate It Now® and what Marketing Agencies can do for your business.

Did you know that we could do all of this? Do you have any more questions about what a Marketing Agency does? Reach out to us at le********@el**********.com

If you need help in any of these areas, give us a call! The first consultation is free!

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